CCHS is a community workshop run by an enthusiastic group of like-minded members, located in Hawthorn, Victoria. Visitors and new members of all skill levels are very welcome. The About CCHS page has more details. CCHS is also known as the Melbourne HackerSpace or HackMelbourne and is one of many Australian HackerSpaces.

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Blog post: Annual General Meeting 2014

Hello Everyone,

By now you should all be aware that our 2014 Annual General Meeting of the Association has been announced and is currently taking nominations for officeholders.  For those of you who missed the announcement, here are the particulars.

Time: 8:00PM, September 9th, 2014
Place: 5 Kent Lane
Returning Officer: Nemo

Confirmation of Minutes for previous AGM and two SGM’s.
Annual Report from the Committee
Annual Report from the Treasurer.
Larger CCHS premises
Elect the new committee for the 2014 – 2015 year.

Please be aware that to vote and/or hold a committee position you need to have fulfilled the requirements outlined in our RoA, i.e., be a full member.

And now, some photos from our last few sessions!

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