CCHS is a community workshop run by an enthusiastic group of like-minded members, located in Hawthorn, Victoria. Visitors and new members of all skill levels are very welcome. The About CCHS page has more details. CCHS is also known as the Melbourne HackerSpace or HackMelbourne and is one of many Australian HackerSpaces.

Blog post: Miscellaneous Hacking

It’s been a busy time at the CCHS lately! Members have been steadily working to commission both laser cutters, the big CNC mill “Bessie”, the mini CNC mill and a new Mendel Max 3D printer. Wednesday the 20th saw a good turnout to help out with soldering up the PCBs for the ESPlant project John and Angus are spearheading. The hackerspace has also acquired some new tools including a bandsaw and desktop PC for use with the Oculus Rift and David laser scanner which will be commissioned in the coming weeks.

See you at the ‘space!

Blog post: Mini Make Day 2

The CCHS recently attended the Mini Make Day 2 at the Dock Library as part of Melbourne Knowledge Week.

Some demos included robotics, 3D printing, wearable technology, soldering workshops, LED displays and lots, lots more!


Blog post: Big photo post