CCHS is a community workshop run by an enthusiastic group of like-minded members, located in Hawthorn, Victoria. Visitors and new members of all skill levels are very welcome. The About CCHS page has more details. CCHS is also known as the Melbourne HackerSpace or HackMelbourne and is one of many Australian HackerSpaces.

Blog post: Member Exclusives - Freetronics Discount.


As of today Members of CCHS are entitled to a 30% discount at Freetronics webstore. The code is exclusive to our Membership and you will all be receiving an email with it in the next day (along with a reminder of all the Member Exclusive discounts available). We’ll send this message out to paying members each time the codes update.

CCHS and Freetronics have a long history of collaboration, Our Laser Cutter is powered by boards they helped manufacture, the HackCNC was produced by them and they have frequently donated parts and modules from their catalogue to help power devices in our hackerspace. We are very happy to have them onboard as a sponsor.

Freetronics stock the highest quality Arduino compatible boards and modules we have seen, all of their boards accept greater voltage ranges and are built with top notch components guaranteed to outlast any cheap knockoffs and cram as much prototyping space onboard as they possibly can. We particularly love their Experimenter kit which is a great way to get started with Arduino.  Their 4x4x4 LED Cube is stunningly fun and a true test of your assembly skills and lastly the Leostick is the greatest tiny Arduino Leonardo you can find out there (Only ~$20 with your new discount!). Lastly they have an excellent range of Arduino compatible displays and modules.

So check your email, grab the code and stock up. http://www.freetronics.com/

Blog post: Parts, Prints and a few bulk orders.

Blog post: Tronixlabs opens it's doors.

We would like to congratulate TronixLabs - tronixlabs.com - on their opening. Tronixlabs is a new online store founded by Melbourne’s John Boxall, which carries a growing range of stock for makers, hobbyists, and electronics, embedded computing or mechatronics enthusiasts. TronixLabs carries many great items from well known designers and distributors such as Freetronics, Adafruit, Seeed Studio, DFRobot and more.
TronixLabs offers extremely competitive pricing (some of the best prices we have seen for certain items), a constantly growing range, and great customer service and support resources such as a public forum to discuss your projects, components and to help you choose the right tool for your job or get support with the products you have purchased.
Tronixlabs very generously donate 10% of sales revenue from CCHS members back to CCHS. So by shopping with TronixLabs you are also directly supporting the HackerSpace. See http://tronixlabs.com/cchs/ for details on how to ensure your order is flagged appropriately. We can’t thank John and his team enough for this generosity.