Rules and Policies

Member Rules and Policies

Welcome to the Connected Community Hackerspace. Please find below the rules and policies governing usage of the space and the terms of your membership. It is the intention that these rules be kept short and straightforward and be interpreted with common sense. Access to the Hackerspace, its resources, members and events is conditional upon accepting the following rules in full and having your facilities fees paid in full. Whenever a doubt exists please contact a duty officer or the committee for clarification.

You Agree That:


  • Each member is liable for their actions to the fullest extent allowable under common law.

Respect, Courtesy and Culture.

  • Be excellent to one another.
  • All Hackers are created equal.
  • Respect other members and their property.
  • Give back to the space.

Safety, Equipment and Materials.

  • Always consider the safety of yourself and others.
  • Members are encouraged to question safety openly, without animosity or fear of reprisal.
  • If safety concerns are raised by another member, you must halt your activity and agree upon reasonable safety measures before continuing.
  • All hazards and unsafe activity must be reported immediately to the Duty Officer to tag or label as appropriate, then contact the Committee via the Committee mailing list.
  • Always use suitable personal protective gear.
  • Treat all tools and work areas with respect.
  • Seek instruction before using any unfamiliar equipment. An unfamiliar tool is a dangerous tool.
  • Ensure tools and areas are left in a clean and serviceable condition upon your departure.
  • Report lost or broken tools immediately to the Duty Officer to tag or label as appropriate, then contact the Committee via the Committee mailing list.
  • Replace consumables when used, where possible.
  • Always report a consumable that is exhausted.

Other Hard, Fast and Very Serious Rules.

The committee & duty officers reserve the right to have you removed from the premises, revoke your membership without refund and refer serious matters to the police or relevant authority.

  • Follow the duty officer’s instructions.
  • No unlawful activity.
  • No intoxication or recreational drugs.
  • No stealing.
  • No violence.
  • No harassment of any description.
  • No vandalism.
  • Minors must be accompanied by a responsible adult/legal guardian at all times.
  • No bringing the organisation into disrepute.

Version and Publish Date

Version 1.1, Approved and Published by the Committee 23/4/2013

Purchasing Process & Policy

The CCHS has a policy outlining the limitations and responsibilities of all members in relation to the acquisition of goods and services.


Storage Box Policy for CCHS Members

At CCHS, we have a limited amount of storage available for member projects.  This policy ensures all members have equivalent rights and responsibilities with regards to this storage. Please note that Member projects MUST be stored in their storage box unless some other arrangement has been reached with the committee.

Storage Box Policy for CCHS Members – Published 2014-11-10

Rules of Association

Our Rules of Association determine how CCHS operates in an administrative and legal sense. They are derived from the Victorian Incorporated Association Model Rules (available at but include changes made to better reflect the day to day operation of the Incorporation.  For a full list of changes, please contact the committee.

Download Current Rules:  CCHS-RulesofAssosciation2014-Approved20140513

Or alternative link: CCHS-RulesofAssociation2014-Approved20140513

After Hours Access Policy

To be eligible for after hours access you must be over 18, up to date with your facility fees and be vouchsafed by two other members.

Completed forms must be hardcopy and can be handed to a committee member at any public meeting.

CCHS Access and Security Agreement – 1.0.pdf