Parts, Prints and a few bulk orders.

Tronixlabs opens it’s doors.

We would like to congratulate TronixLabs - - on their opening. Tronixlabs is a new online store founded by Melbourne’s John Boxall, which carries a growing range of stock for makers, hobbyists, and electronics, embedded computing or mechatronics enthusiasts. TronixLabs carries many great items from well known designers and distributors such as Freetronics, Adafruit, Seeed Studio, DFRobot and more.
TronixLabs offers extremely competitive pricing (some of the best prices we have seen for certain items), a constantly growing range, and great customer service and support resources such as a public forum to discuss your projects, components and to help you choose the right tool for your job or get support with the products you have purchased.
Tronixlabs very generously donate 10% of sales revenue from CCHS members back to CCHS. So by shopping with TronixLabs you are also directly supporting the HackerSpace. See for details on how to ensure your order is flagged appropriately. We can’t thank John and his team enough for this generosity.

Inside 3D printing expo

Checking out some of the samples at the inside 3d printing exhibition at the mcec. Finishes today

Lasers and Eiffel Towers

So now we have a new roof

Putting the new roof on took most of last week, but aside from some flashing it’s all back together.

Working Bee’s before and after the roof meant we managed to keep a  lot of the dust and rubbish off the tools.

A big thanks to everyone who helped.  Here’s the list I have, although I’m sure I’m missing someone:  Andy, Angus, Trystan, John S, David C, Gil, Bob, Mark W, George-Eric, AJ, Jonah and Stryker.  A special thanks to Gav for helping setup and removing all the junk.  A double special thanks to Geoff L. for spending the week at the space and keeping a whole range of mini-disasters under control.


The hackerspace is still being gradually cleaned up, so keep that in mind for your next visit.