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Workshop: Electronics introduction

Organize content and hands-on materials for a basic introduction to electronics

Organizers / Presenters

Please add your name to this list …

  • Andy Gelme : Happy to get the ball rolling
  • Bob Powers [] : I'll gladly put together material and present if we can nail down a time to meet.

Interested Attendees

Please add your name to this list …

  • Rob Gannon
  • Nick Meinhold
  • Krishna Kasiraju
  • Jane T
  • Rohan Malone
  • Steve Vakalis

Desired topics

Please add requests for topics to be covered …

  • Ohm's law
  • Passives: Resistors, Capacitors…
  • Semiconductors: Diodes, Transistors, FETs
  • Introduction to sensors and microcontrollers (eg. reading a light sensor with an arduino)

External resources

Please add links to good electronics tutorials …

Hands-on materials

Please add to the list of suggested materials for hands-on tasks …

  • Breadboards
  • Multimeters
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