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Class C Rocket Avionics


Lunar Numbat is an Australian and New Zealand space technology project, which is using commodity open-source hardware and software to build components that can be utilized as part of larger missions, including the White Label Space Google Lunar X-Prize team. Several of the Lunar Numbat build team are members of the Connected Community HackerSpace, based in Melbourne.

The Lunar Numbat strategy is to start small and incrementally build-up in a step-wise fashion. Along the way, delivering tried and tested, re-usable hardware and software components, such as aiko.

Even a small Class C rocket provides some engineering challenges, such as packaging (minimal size and weight) and telemetry (communications).

Jon's minimal Class C payload consists of …

Several successful launches have been achieved and accelerometer data acquired.



(1) Class C rocket launch and (2) Arduino Mini with 3-axis accelerometer

Images Copyright © 2009 Marc Alexander and Jon Oxer

There were issues with the wireless communications, which will be resolved as part of the more sophisticated Class G rocket project.


A future exercise will be to retro-fit, back into the rocket_avionics_class_c rocket, some of the hardware and (more importantly) software components that are being developed for the rocket_avionics_class_g rocket.

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