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Quarries of Scred arcade machine


This project has a very clear deadline, to rebuild Gil's Arcade Machine in time to Demo the indie arcade game “Quarries of Screed” at PAX Australia 2014.

Project Team

Project Members: John Spencer, Gil Poznanski

Project Plan

Fortunately, Gil has collected almost everything we need over the last few years and this will mostly be an exercise in assembling the parts we have available.

Top Graphic

The top Graphic is a sheet of plastic 500x205mm in size. It covers the top speaker panel. [Printed, needs applying]

Keyboard Emulation Device

Wire up of Joystick and Buttons, test and install.[DONE]
LED in Player One and Two, installation and wire up. [DONE]
Wire up New panel

Mame and Game software

Installation and testing before PAX (Although not required for PAX) [Tested, Working.]

Changes to “Quarries of Scred”:
Support “Run” button.[done]
Joystick Support in stores.[done]

Light up Marquee

Wire up LED strip. [DONE]
Close top. [DONE]
Fix wiring going into computer to be “not dodgy”

Sound and Speaker

Installation and testing

Monitor and Bezel

Monitor Mount. [Done, needs some handles or something. I have an idea…]
Card around Monitor.

Main Lock and Key

Installation [done]


Installation and testing [done] <not required for pax>

Receipt printer

Install and program to take Serial communication. [Fits. Code being worked on]

Control Panel

Bend up aluminium replacement [done]
Rivet replacement [done, may need redoing after graphic is added]
Apply front graphic. [Graphic drawn, need application]
Wire up new buttons (after graphic is applied)

Front Door

Sticks really badly.


Place luggage strap to secure it's location.[done]
Add front and back lugs to stop sliding forward and backward.[done]

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