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The Big CNC Mill "Bessie"

DRAFT - This tool is not available yet, all this information is DRAFT

Important Reading

  • FIXME This article needs more information
  • Training is required to use this tool.
  • Two Persons must be present in the HackerSpace to use this tool.
  • BYO Tools: You must provide your own toolbits for this tool.

Essential Information

Vendor Web Site
SoftwareMach 3
Axis3 Axis with Additional 4th Axis
MovementsTBI Ball Screws
X Axis Length600mm
Y Axis Length900mm
Z Axis Length150mm
A Axis Length650mm
A Axis Diameter (Chuck Size)80mm
Travel Speed0mm to 15,000mm / minute
CoolingWater Cooled
Revolving Speed24,000 rpm
Collet TypeER20
Max Tool Size (Shank)20mm Diameter


You must be trained in the safe usage of this tool. No matter your experience level if you have not been approved by CCHS to use this tool you should not

FIXME Add training instructions


FIXME Document usage steps and resources.

To-Do List

Critical items

(Bessie stays down until these are cleared)

  • Configure Mach3
  • setup coolant tanks and pumps
  • build an enclosure
  • setup a dust extraction system
  • wire up e-stops (in progress by Luke Weston)
  • setup access control system (in progress by John Spenser)
  • setup limit switches (completed Rob Gannon and Josh Scott-Jouir)
  • document user procedures (in progress Tim Sheahan)
  • setup user training

Incremental items

(Bessie may be used while these remain open)

  • set up 4th axis

Further Resources

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