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CCHS Mascot

Project Aim

The aim of the CCHS Mascot project is to construct a robot that will bring together members of the CCHS to apply the nodebots and other interesting technologies on a larger scale. It's intended purpose is to become a mascot for the CCHS, consisting of a collection of contributions from members.

Project Goals

The robot should:

  • Incorporate a variety of projects our members are working on
  • Function reliably and be sturdy enough for the intended application
  • Be entertaining to watch and creative in appearance

Sub Tasks/Timeline

Please make an edit here or send a message to the mailing list to let us know what you're working on :)

Project Status

  • Calibrated motor controllers and did some basic testing… it drives again!
  • Looked at using a 3D R/C FPV setup for first person 3D vision!
  • 2x 2200MaH 22.2V Lithium Polymer “Flysky” batteries installed into chassis
  • The bot needs some calibration to fix mismatches between left and right channels
  • The chassis has had the 4x 100W 24v DC motors re-installed and the bot has been tested successfully with the existing dual-channel motor controller. It is very quick and maneuverable with 24v Lithium batteries. Discussed with Andy the possibilities of dual-cameras for FPV using Oculus Rift, sonar environmental mapping, a robotic arm attachment with electromagnet for lifting/dragging objects :) :)
  • Original “SubKor” chassis built/donated by Damien to the CCHS. Will be used as a platform for the CCHS Mascot bot.


Contact Tim Eastwood or Andy Gelme for information.

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