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This is a list of projects and linke to information for some starter project using the Raspberry Pi educational and embedded computer.

Why use a Raspberry PI

(compared to other solutions such as the Arduino, which CCHS also uses)

The Raspberry Pi is a powerful computer (compared to an embedded microcontroller) with a complete operating system, usually Linux. This makes is easier to program compared to systems that only have access to languages such as C or assembler and no operating system.

On the other hand the cost considerations on the Raspberry Pi means that it is more restricted IO ports that the Arduino for instance. Also Linux is not a real time operating system (not pre-emptive).

This means that he Raspberry Pi is a good solution if:

  • You have a complex application or networking requirement
  • Need to use a language such as Java or Python
  • Want access to complex or large data storage

On the other hand hardware like the Arduino is better if:

  • You need real time control or sensor monitoring (e.g. stepper motors)
  • You have low power requirements
  • You can use of of the many existing add on solutions for your board

People are often using Raspberry Pi and embedded microcontrollers together. The Pi provides high level command and control or user interfaces; and the microcontroller provides low level real time I/O.

Project Suggestions

  1. Simple Servo Motor application (waves a flag)
  2. Home Media Server
  3. Backup server
    1. OS X Time Machine server
  4. Lego Robot – Needs work (consolidation)
  5. Build your own supercomputer
  1. Build your own Pi Case
    1. 3D Printing
  2. Hosting the Arduino development system
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