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Links to members' web pages, blogs, Twitter/, etc. Please add your details below (in alphabetical order) …

Member name Status Twitter Website Blog IRC Nick Interests
Alec Clews Active @alecthegeek Alec The Geek] alecthegeek Software, Technology Education
Allan (Hurgh) Active N/A N/A Hurgh Internet/Networking, Computers, Arduino…
Andy Gelme Active @geekscape Geekscape andyg Aiko platform The Internet of Things
Angus Gratton Active @projectgus projectgus Numerous
Bryan Pliatsios Active @bdp N/A ham radio, electronics construction, arduino
Eldar Marcussen Active @wireghoul N/A STUFF(tm)
George Patterson Active N/A N/A N/A gorilla laser_tag_mt, remote sensing, Arduino, flight_console & Simulators
John Boxall Active @tronixstuff Tronixlabs online electronics retailer personal technology site Arduino, business, electronics, LEGO, travel
Jonathan Oxer Active @jonoxer IVT & Freetronics joxer Arduino, space tech, web apps, home automation, ubicomp
Josh Stewart Active @noisymime N/A Arduinos, automotive, home automation, starting with astronomy
Mark Armstrong Active @malmsbury Mark Armstrong Electronics N/A N/A Database software/Electronics Tech
Michael Borthwick Active @MikeBorthwick Michael Borthwick Consulting Aussie Rocketcam N/A The convergence of video and IT. DIY PCB and Arduino making
Michael Day Active @yeslogic N/A N/A Programming, web, tinkering with stuff
Paul Harrison Active N/A N/A Woodwind instrument design, CNC milling, Python. Have dabbled in image processing, audio processing.
Pete Yandell Inactive @notahat N/A Tinkering with Arduinos and cars, and just about everything else
Richard Parsons Active N/A N/A Capolight Electronics projects N/A All things 3D printing related, LED solid state lighting, Arduino's and learning Python.
Rob Brittain Active @rbritt3 N/A as interests Rob_Melb ToolMaking (lathe, mill etc.) Simple 2d cad to lasercutting, milling, flamecutting, waterjet, 3D printing, Group Bulk Buys, Wireless, Miniture Steam Trains
Rohan Fernando Active @rohan_fernando Metrometrix N/A N/A Technology commercialisation, Automation, Digital technologies, Search
Sam Sabey Active @samotage Smart Energy Groups N/A Fast toy gliders of the carbon kind
Stuart Young Active @cefiar N/A Every man needs a shed cef or Cefiar RepRap3dprinting, Electronics tech, Physics
Will Robertson Active @aliask09 N/A N/A N/A Digital electronics, Rockbox, Green power, and all things generally interesting…
Holger Active @raywol76 N/A N/A hwolff76 3D printing
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