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Welcome to the Connected Community Hackerspace wiki. Members of CCHS can use this wiki to collaborate and share information.

Official Information

For official information about CCHS or an introduction to the hackerspace, please see

Information on this wiki is unofficial, property of the submitting author, and not endorsed by CCHS.


Documentation for things at CCHS that you might want to use.

Wiki Documentation

    Tool Documentation

    Other Documentation


    CCHS Projects

    Member Projects

    These are members' individual projects. Some are still located at CCHS, some aren't.

    Dormant Projects

    “Dormant” projects haven't been hacked on in a while. If you're interested, maybe find the author and see if they're interested in updating or collaborating?


    Existing or proposed workshops running at the CCHS


    Wiki Updates

    Recent Changes

    "Fix Me!"

    "Delete Me!"

    These pages have a DELETEME flag on them (to add a flag, insert the text DELETEME on the page.) Can you improve the page? Do you agree it should be deleted?

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