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The CCHS wiki is primarily intended to be used by CCHS members to hold information related to CCHS activities.

While there is no specific limit on the type of information on the wiki, we have some simple rules we ask people to obey.

  • Do not post material which is illegal.
  • Do not post copyrighted works, unless permission has been obtained.
    • If you have obtained permission, it would be good to post the details so it can be verified.
  • Avoid the use of offensive or foul language.

CCHS admins reserve the right to remove any material that is found breaking any of the above rules.

This is a wiki however, and you may find that other users get to it before the admins do.

Mainly, the information that appears on the wiki should be:

  • Details about projects that have been or will be undertaken at CCHS
  • Links to online resources that relate to CCHS activities
  • Information about companies where equipment, tools, parts, supplies, etc can be purchased.
  • Discussions about any of the above[1]

Content here is automatically covered by the Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike (v3.0) license, unless otherwise indicated.

These pages can usually be changed by anyone who has a wiki account. Some pages however have been locked by the CCHS admins (usually navigation and certain information pages relating to the wiki itself.

In short: If you do not want your writing to be edited mercilessly and redistributed at will, then do not submit it here.

For details on editing a wiki, see the Wiki Help page.

Note: [1] CCHS is not responsible for comments made by users. CCHS however advises that such comments and discussions take place in the 'Discussions' section of the wiki, rather than on the main project/info pages. See Wiki Help - Neutrality for more information.

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