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Role Name: Facilities Officer

Status: Proposed (Unratified)
Role Mandate: Responsible for the general upkeep of Hacker Space facilities, general (non mechanical) maintenance, space cleanliness, space working bees.
Length: The Committee will perform a mandatory review and appointment of this role every 12 Months within 2 months of the AGM
Position Type: Volunteer Officer - The Committee may re-assign this position at any time with no vote necessary.. as per section blah blah of the blah ROA blah.
Reports To: Committee
Reporting Period: Attends a committee meeting once every three months (quarterly) to discuss facilities progress, may be called in for special requests.
Committee Voting Rights: No general voting rights, may vote with 2 x vote weight on facilities related matters.

Role Specific Tasks:

Task 1: Clean Hacker Space once per month
  • Benches and working areas
  • Tool spaces
  • Soldering Bench
  • 3d print area
  • Toilets and Sink
  • Food and Drinks
  • Back room
Task 2: Maintain Food and Drink Area once per month
  • Refill Fridge from Stock
  • Refill Snacks from Stock
  • Identify Low Stock - Request Purchases from Comittee
  • Rearrange area, suggest new stock items etc
Task 3: Manage space working bee twice per year - Shared
  • Work with committee to identify working bee tasks
  • Assist with Working bee comms
  • Manage working bee volunteers on the day
  • Run working bee BBQ
Task 4: Manage Member Boxes once per month
  • Identify unused boxes
  • communicate with members and arrange boxes as necessary
  • assist with contacting members about unused boxes.
Task 5: Manage Lost Property once per month
  • Maintain lost property as required.
  • Send lost property notifications to group
Task 6: Member Support - Facilities on-going
  • Provide support, answer questions regarding maintenance of the facilities - via contact email:
  • Bring member concerns related to facilities to the committee for discussion and vote.

Volunteer Benefits:

  1. All access card - Receives unrestricted access to all hackerspace facilities.
  2. Optional double vote on facilities related matters at the committee.
  3. Free Drinks and Snacks
  4. Reserved Parking on Working Bee Days
  5. Delegated committee powers for admonishing members who leave a mess in the space.
  6. The respect and gratitude of your peers.

Associated Skills:

  1. Must be a capable and enthusiastic tidier
  2. Suits a clean freak
  3. Will need enthusiasm for general space cleanliness and Working Bee
  4. No specialist skills required
Current Incumbent: Position Vacant
Contact email: This is not a real email address.. nor is it intended to be for security reasons… not sure if we should publish them here or not.
Backup Responsibility: Maintenance Officer If the person in this role becomes unavailable this volunteer will be asked to perform this role as a backup.
Backs up: Maintenance Officer This position is considered a backup for the role stated
Committee Responsibility: Vice President If no volunteers are available this person is responsible for finding a volunteer or may do the job themselves if they wish
I would like to volunteer for this role: Please email your interest to
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