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Role Name: Comms Officer

Status: Proposed (Unratified)
Role Mandate: Organise and manage CCHS communication channels, this includes google groups, meetup, email, social media, website and official announcements from the committee
Length: The comms officer is a vital role to ensure effective communications across all our online channels, the comms officer is asked for a 12 month commitment to the role, ensuring regular comms are sent out at least once per month
Position Type: Volunteer Officer - The Committee may re-assign this position at any time with no vote necessary.. as per section blah blah of the blah ROA blah.
Reports To: Committee
Reporting Period: No fixed period reports personnel issues to committee as required
Committee Voting Rights: No general voting rights

Role Specific Tasks:

Task 1: Open and Close Space for Session min once per month
  • Open the space, turn on lights and ensure space facilities are available for the session
  • Advise members and guests of approximate closing time - when you leave the session is officially over for guests
  • Close the space at the end of the night if no card carrying members are staying on.
Task 2: Maintain Food and Drink Area during session
  • Refill Fridge from Stock
  • Refill Snacks from Stock
  • Confirm float in money box
Task 3: Greet all members, Take visitors and guests on a tour during session
  • Take all new guests on a tour of the facilities and advise them of the house rules for safety and behaviour
  • answer any questions the guest may have about the space, history of the space etc
  • encourage participation, introduce members and projects, get them to 3d print something or build an Arduino project
Task 4: Collect Fees during session
  • Request payment of casual fees from any members who are not current or prefer to pay as they go,
  • Facilitate payment via PayPal or Cash
  • Escalate any fee disputes/issues to Members and Volunteers Officer - note you are not expected to manage fee disputes with members
Task 5: Monitor Safety during session
  • Monitor safety practices of members - challenge any unsafe practices via a friendly request
  • Safety is paramount and the duty officer has delegated authority from the committee to eject any member or guest for unsafe behaviour
Task 5: Tidy the space during session close
  • Give the space a tidy before closing up - replace tools into correct places etc.
  • Any major tidiness issues can be escalated to Volunteers and Members officer or the Facilities officer as required.
Task 6: Member Support - General during session
  • Provide support, answer questions regarding the session, provide contract details for relevant support if neccessary
  • Assist members to bring any concerns to the Members and Volunteers officer as required

Volunteer Benefits:

  1. Receives access to open and close the space.
  2. Duty Officer Badge
  3. End of year drinks and BBQ at the presidents house
  4. Free drinks during your session (Max 4)
  5. Free snack during your session (Max 1)
  6. Reserved Parking in front of the space during your session
  7. Delegated committee powers for ejecting members and guests on the basis of unruly or unsafe behaviour
  8. The respect and gratitude of your peers.

Associated Skills:

  1. Requires a friendly demeanour
  2. must have some general knowledge about the space, its history and the current equipment
  3. Must have enthusiasm for introducing new people into the space
  4. Should have some working knowledge of safety and OH&S practices as it relates to power tools
Current Incumbent: See Duty Officer Roster
Contact email: This is not a real email address.. nor is it intended to be for security reasons… not sure if we should publish them here or not.
Backup Responsibility: Members and Volunteers Officer, Committee Members If the person in this role becomes unavailable this volunteer will be asked to perform this role as a backup.
Backs up: None This position is considered a backup for the role stated
Committee Responsibility: All Committee Members If no volunteers are available this person is responsible for finding a volunteer or may do the job themselves if they wish
I would like to volunteer for this role: Please email your interest to
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