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Designing for the Laser Cutter using Blender

Converting 3D Files from Blender 2.68 for 2D Use In CamBam

Convert any 3D extruded geometry to 2D

  1. Get rid of geometry that is behind the object and hidden from view:
    • In the side orthographic edit mode, select the back half of the cross section using box select ('b' key and draw a rectangle around the unwanted vertices).
    • Delete the selection by pressing the 'x' key and selecting 'vertices' from the popup menu.
  2. Flatten the results into a two dimensional plane:
    • Home the 3D cursor by hitting “shift s” and selecting “cursor to centre” option from the popup menu.
    • Select the “3D_Cursor” option from the “pivot point” menu.
    • In edit mode select all ('a' key) and set the size of the vertices to zero in the direction that it is facing, ie if the object is facing front press the “s” key to put it in resize mode, then the 'y' key to constrain the resizing to the direction facing you, and finish by pressing the '0' number key.
  3. Remove unwanted internal geometry so as to be left with outlines only:
    • In “edge select” mode right click on an outer edge segment and then choose the “Edge Loop” option from the “Select” menu. The whole outer edge should be selected, if not, then hold the shift key and right click on an unselected outer edge and choose “Edge Loop” again until the whole outer edge is selected.
    • Add the edges around any holes to the selection.
    • Put Blender into “Vertex Select Mode”
    • Press “Control” “I” to invert the selection.
    • Press “X” and then select “Only Edges & Faces” from the menu that will popup.
    • Choose the “Loose Geometry” option from the 'Select“ menu.
    • Press “X” and then select “Vertices” from the popup menu.

Convert the Blender file to an Autocad DMX version that CamBam can understand

  • The Blender 2.68 DMX export feature is currently incompatible with CamBam, so you need to pass it to a third party program for correct conversion.
  • Export your Blender file as a Collada DAE file first.
  • Import the DAE file into the free SketchUp software, making sure to select the correct default units template, ie millimetres, meters, feet etc.
  • Move the imported geometry to axis where x = 0, y = 0, and z = 0.
  • Export the file as a DXF file.

Import the DXF file into CamBam

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