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Laser Cutter V2

Machine available for use :) Please contact the Project Champions (Tim E, Brian G) if you would like to work on the LCV2


Documentation for the Laser Cutter V2 can be found HERE (last updated 07/04/2016)

Instructions for how to edit / update the documentation can be found on the Laser Cutter V2 Trello Board, found HERE


Guide for installing and configuring CamBam for use with the LCV2, found HERE

Basic guide for doing a simple cut / engrave in CamBam and exporting the GCode for the LCV2, found HERE


Contact details for the project champions can be found inside the documentation linked above.

Redsail M400

This page contains the project information and documentation for the laser cutter kindly donated to the CCHS by James Muraca on the 01/08/2015.

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