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Duplicator 4 3D Printer

(A Makerbot Clone)

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As the Duplicator is a Makerbot clone you use Makerbot Desktop software to connect, slice and print. This software is installed on the laptop and the main screen looks like this:

Basic Instructions

  1. Open Makerbot Desktop Software.
  2. Select Add File to add an STL to the build platform. (Orient and Scale as needed)
  3. Select Print to slice & print with the default settings.

Optional Steps

  • Select the Settings Menu and alter speeds and temperatures as needed.

  • Turn on Rafts & Supports if needed.
  • Adjust infill percentage

Filament Settings

ABS Basic Settings

Temp: 230 Heated Bed: 110 Speed: 40-90

PLA Basic Settings

Temp: 230 Heated Bed: OFF Speed: 90

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