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The Pebble Smartwatch

The Pebble Smartwatch is an E-Paper watch developed by a company called Pebble after a successful Kickstarter campaign in April 2012. CCHS has one available to play with if anyone is interested.

Connecting to the Pebble Smartwatch

Before beginning this step it is essential to ensure that the watch is charged. Otherwise connecting to it wont be possible. Obviously.
It also helps to be sure that the bluetooth on the watch is enabled, however this is turned //on// by default.
This process will work for both the Android smart phones and the Apple smart phones. Currently there is lesser to no support for other devices
  1. Download the Pebble app onto your Android or iPhone device. The app can be found in your device's respective store.
  2. Once the app has downloaded and installed, open the app and wait for it to search for Pebble smart watches. You will need to enable bluetooth on your device. How to enable bluetooth on Android and How to enable bluetooth on iOS guides.¹
  3. The Pebble smartwatch will ask to confirm this connection, just follow the instructions on the pebble.

You should now be connected to the Pebble smartwatch! Hoorah!

¹ You may only connect a Pebble smartwatch via the app, connecting it through your phone will no longer work.

Using the Pebble Smartwatch

Using the device is pretty straight-forward. The watch is surrounded by 3 buttons, a single button on the left of the face, this is the “back” button. And then 3 buttons on the right of the face, from bottom to top, “Scroll Up”, “Select”, “Scroll Down”.

The first/default screen on the Pebble will be the watch face, there are a number of different watch faces by default and more can be downloaded from the Pebble app. You can scroll through watch faces using the “Scroll Up” and “Scroll Down” buttons.

By default, text message, phone call and a few other notifications will be sent to your watch as soon as your phone receives them.

Navigating the menu is essential to reap the full benefits of the Pebble smart watch, it is simple to do and anyone should be capable.

To open the menu from the watch face screen press the “Select” button.

By default the menu options are as follows. There may be more if others have installed new apps to the smartwatch. A process I will cover later.

  • Music: The music app lets you play, pause and skip audio tracks playing from your phone. The app will also display the song information.
  • Notifications: This displays all the recent notifications your watch has received.
  • Alarms: This allows you to set watch alarms. As the pebble has no audible way of notifying you, it makes use of the in-built vibrator.
  • Watchfaces: This app lets you scroll and see all of your installed watchfaces in a scrollable menu.
  • Settings: This menu contains options for Bluetooth, Notifications, Activity, Quick Launch, Date & Time, Display, About, Shutdown and Factory Reset.

Installing new watch faces

Installing watch faces is a simple process, you can use the Pebble app installed on your smart phone.

  • Open the Pebble app.
  • Open the Pebble app Menu.
  • Tap “Get Watchfaces”
  • Browse the watchface directory until a watchface catches your attention and simply tap it. This will open a page specifically on that watchface.
  • To install the watchface, click “Add”
  • The new watchface will be downloaded and then uploaded to the Pebble Smartwatch.

You can manage watchfaces in the My Pebble section of the Pebble app.

Installing watch apps

Watch apps are very useful tools developed for various reasons to make use of your Pebble's capabilities. There are many apps for fitness, entertainment and productivity available as well as utilities, remotes and notifications.

Obtaining new apps is as simple as obtaining new watchfaces.

  • Open the Pebble app.²
  • Open the Pebble app Menu.
  • Tap “Get Apps”
  • Browse the app directory until an app catches your attention and simply tap it. This will open a page specifically on that app.
  • To install the app, click “Add”
  • The new app will be downloaded and then uploaded to the Pebble Smartwatch.³
² You can also find watch apps using the Play Store or App Store on Android phones and iPhones respectively. Once you download the app onto your phone, the app will talk to the Pebble app and the Pebble app will ask if you want to upload the app. If you say yes, the watch app will be downloaded from a 3rd party website and then the Pebble app will push it to your watch
³ Some apps require you to download a Companion app onto your smart phone, read the watch app description carefully for instructions or information on doing this

Some watch apps that I recommend trying

  • Glanceª: I have been using glance almost as long as I have been using the Pebble smartwatch. Glance is an app that runs like a watch face, it displays the time, day, date, local weather, number of unread emails, number of unread text messages and number of missed phone calls. The expands when pressing the “Select” button. Then enabling you to do things such as view the weather for the week, send/receive SMS and so much more.
  • Pebble Bikeª: I used to use this when I was trail bike riding frequently, it is designed for push bikes however it worked fine for motorbikes whilst I was using it. I noticed a lot of people here ride bicycles of some form or another and thought this would be useful for any others planning to buy a pebble smartwatch of their own.
  • Metro Trains: This app allows you to see if any of the trains are being delayed. This app doesn't show arrival and departure times unfortunately.
  • Shake Dice: This app allows you to roll a dice, or flip a coin.
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