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Rosiex says:

Thanks again to those who participated in the CCHS Skills Survey. You will notice that we have separated out the data analysis from current projects and offers to conduct workshops. We request that you review the document which contains your workshop idea and confirm this by sending an email back to us. Please note in order to protect privacy we have initialised your names.

Survey Results (google docs)

We hope to kick off 2013 with some great workshops, so if you can register your interest in conducting your workshop next year that would be awesome! There will also be an on site presentation of what the collection of data means, so we will let you know when this will happen, so if you are really interested you can attend.

Lachlan says: To draw a conclusion, I'd say there is a really strong healthy interest in foundation stuff (Arduino, Programming, Electronics, 3D printing). There is less (but passionate) interest in the craft and application areas those skills would be applied to (Robotics, Rocketry, Home Automation, UAVs, Vehicle Telemetry etc). Part of the function of CCHS could be to try and get more interest into the “applied” projects and art installations. There are all sorts of good suggestions scattered throughout for our consideration. Social events, plastic welding, opencv, android app inventor, etc There is a strong willingness (~20 respondees, including those already helping) for people keen to help run sessions

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