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How to use the Oculus Rift

What you will need to have before you begin

Installing the software

First, you will need to download the runtime software that can be found here. Don't worry about the SDK unless you are planning to try your hand at some development.

Once the software has installed, restart your computer.

Once it has installed open the utility found in the system tray and configure the software to your liking. The configuration utility looks like this.

Some things to do with the software

Games are the most popular use for the Oculus.

A few games I have played

  • Windlands is a great game, however it is best with an xBox controller.
  • Assetto Corsa is a blast to play, best with a steering wheel too.
  • Half Life 2 is a bit tricky to play. You get very sick very quick.
  • Minecraft is the best demo game.

A few other good games I haven't played

  • Unpossible
  • Proton Pulse
  • Lava Inc.
  • Blast Buster
  • SkyRoads VR
  • VanGuard V
  • Warscape Alpha VR
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