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New Space Requirements

This is a summary of points raised in the mailing list discussion “What do you consider important for a New Space for CCHS?

Please feel free to add comments to the mailing list thread or to edit this summary.


  • At least 300 square metres, preferably 400+ square metres
  • Zoned business/light industrial
  • Near transport infrastructure such as trains, trams, parking
  • Not forbidding area at night
  • Adequate power feed, preferably 3-phase (for current lathe)
  • Phone line for Internet ADSL
  • At least partial concrete or hard wearing floor surface
  • Accessible entrance (eg: Ramp or ground level)

Nice to Have

  • 400 square meters or more.
  • Enough space for a computer room suitable for running presentations.
  • Heating & cooling.
  • Close to a university or tech business incubator.
  • In NBN zone.
  • Government/community subsidised rent/utilities.
  • At least 2 toilets, disabled toilet.
  • Small kitchen area (a non-toilet sink, counter space for a coffee machine, etc.)
  • 3-phase power.

Desirable, but can be added by us

(Assuming ability/desire/permission to build internal walls but not run electrical cabling or plumbing.)

  • Ventilation / extraction.
  • Multiple internal areas:
    • Hardware area for dirty tools (wood, metalwork.)
    • Hardware area for cleaner assembly, handtools, glue, paint.
    • Clean area for laser cutter, 3d printing, electronics, etc.
    • Carpeted area for PCs, laptops, presentations, etc.
    • Lounge area for lounging.
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