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Components List

DELETEME: This list was last updated in September 2012, components have changed and moved a lot since then. If noone wants to maintain a list here, suggest deleting. – June 2014

This is a list detailing the stockpile of electronic components that were donated by Barbara and her employer.

Please feel free to edit this page, or improve it or change it in some beneficial way.

What I have done so far is to put one drawer full of each type of component into the CCHS storage drawers, but that leaves the majority of the components still left over and looking to be relocated to another good home. There are far more components here that we are ever going to have a use for ourselves.

In other words, all the remaining components in the boxes can be relocated or redistributed to other organisations or other people who want them.


Note: Except for the 27 ohm ones, all of these resistors are 0.5W, 1% tolerance, standard through-hole package.

They are packaged up into standard boxes of 1000 pieces.

390 ohms, quantity 3000.

1.1 kiloohm, quantity 4000.

110 kiloohms, quantity 9000.

2.2 megaohms, quantity 3000.

27 ohm 5W ceramic-clad wirewound resistors, quantity 2100 (in 21 x bags of 100).

100 ohm 8-way resistor networks in 16-pin DIP package; quantity approximately a couple of thousand.

(Note: some of these quantities are approximations, give or take a hundred.)

LOTS of various unsorted SIL resistor networks (not documented yet).

All the little bags of SIL resistor networks are in the small cardboard box. Would somebody else like to volunteer to sort these out?


1 uF 63V MKT through-hole 0.2“; Quantity 500.

0.1 uF (100 nF) through-hole 0.1” tantalum electrolytics; quantity on the order of 1000.

Note: All the capacitors below are of the cheap resin-dipped 100V polyester “greencap” type, although the resin is actually red.

3.3 nF; Quantity 3400.

5.6 nF; Quantity 1600.

120 nF (0.12 uF); Quantity 2700.

470 nF (0.47 uF); Quantity 900.


BSS84 P-channel MOSFET, SOT-23 SMD package; quantity 600 (2 x reels of 300 each).

(Max. drain current = 130 mA.)

Green LEDs, rectangular, through-hole. Quantity approx. 1000.

1N4148 diodes, standard DO-35 through-hole package with vertical formed leads. Quantity approx. 1000.

7.5V 1W Zener diodes, axial through-hole DO-41 package. Quantity approx. 500 ?

1N4758 56V 1W Zener diodes, DO-41 axial through-hole. Quantity 4000.

BZT03C13 13V 3W Zener diode, through-hole axial SOD-57 package. Quantity approx. 1000.

NE556 dual timer IC (dual version of 555). 14-pin DIP package. Quantity approx. 1000.

74HC573 Octal D-type tristate latch, 20-pin DIP package. Quantity on the order of thousands.

Other Stuff:

11.0592 MHz crystals, standard HC49 (full-height) package with through-hole leads; quantity 600.

3.579 MHz ceramic resonators, through-hole; quantity 4000.

(Note: 11.0592 MHz is a UART clock multiple, 96 x 115200 baud, and is a common clock frequency for Intel 8051 microprocessors. 3.579 MHz is the NTSC color subcarrier frequency, which is also commonly used as a cheap common crystal frequency for other applications such as DTMF tone generators.)

Through-hole 28-pin (0.6“ wide) DIP IC sockets, quantity on the order of 1000.

Surface-mount 44-pin PLCC sockets; quantity of many thousands.

10-pin (2 x 5) 0.1” through-hole female header sockets; quantity on the order of 1000.

3mm nylon PCB standoff pegs. Quantity on the order of 1000.

Mechanical lock assemblies. Quantity on the order of 10.

Many panels of surplus production PCBs from the company were also donated. These are interesting if people just want to look at professionally designed and manufactured mass-production PCBs that go into a high-quality commercial electronic device, and they are also useful if people just want to experiment with soldering and practice soldering through-hole components onto the boards.

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