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Group Buy Instructions

CCHS runs some regular group buys for members, to save on postage. This page has some information for group buy participants.


Following these steps makes it much easier for the person organising the Digikey order. To participate in a Digikey order:

  • Sign up to CCHS if you're not a member!
  • Wait for a Digikey order to be announced (or ask around to find out about organising one yourself).
  • Make sure to use not the US site. We nearly always order via the AU site (for free shipping on $200+ orders), and a few items are not available on the AU site.

Add to Cart

Find the items you want and add them to your shopping cart:

  • Put your name in the “Customer Reference” field. This is used for sorting items when they arrive (and sometimes for working out order totals).

Check Cart Contents

Once you have everything, click the View Cart link in the top right and check the cart contents:

Specifically check:

  • Customer reference set the same on all items.
  • “Available Quantity” not “Backorder Quantity” (assuming you want the items now, not later).
  • Quantity, price, etc. are all what you'd like.

Share Cart

Once you have everything, click the “Share Cart” link at the bottom right of the cart (the link is underlined in the image above).

Copy the link in the popup window that appears and email it to whoever is running the order so they can add your items.

Changes you make to the cart after sharing it are not automatically shared, if you want to change items you have to re-share.

You're done! :)

Tips for Order Organisers

  • When you open each “Shared Cart” link it creates a new cart in your account. After you have all the individual shared carts you need to combine them into one order. To do so, click the “Resume Cart” link under the cart contents and use the “Combine” feature.
  • When the time comes to calculate/split order totals there is a script available to do so (although for “free shipping” orders the individual shared carts also give you the subtotals.
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