A place for thanking volunteers, sponsors and co-operative organisations. CCHS would not be where it is without the help of a lot of people and organisations.


An Australian based 3D printer supplier who prides themselves on being at the pinnacle of technology when it comes to 3D Printing.Established in early 2013 they have rapidly grown their 3D Printer supplies to over 20 different brands and manufacturers.
Online retailer for a wide range of enthusiast/hobbyist electronics, robotics, single-board computers & much more. If you’re a CCHS member, TronixLabs will donate 10% of the Ex-GST amount to CCHS. See for more info.
PaperCut LogotypePaperCut provides print management software to cut the cost of printing.
CamBam is an application to create CAM files (gcode) from CAD source files or its own internal geometry editor. CamBam has many users worldwide, from CNC hobbyists to professional machinists & engineers.


A number of members help keep the organisation running, by taking care of discrete tasks or groups. We thank these helpers & champions for contributing to our community.

Duty OfficersStuart Young, John Boshua, Andy Gelme, Lachlan Maher, David Chanter, Dayle Hemsley, Rob Gannon, John Spencer, Bob Powers, Angus Gratton, Alec Clews, Ron Harper, Zac Watts, Trystan Jones, Bernd Wachs
Web siteStuart Young
3D Printing NightStuart Young, John Boshua, Rob Gannon, Michael Sullivan
Raspberry JamAlec Clews
HackCNC TeamJohn Spencer, Rob Britain, Bob Powers, Luke Weston, Jon Oxer, Stuart Young
Robot WorkshopDayle Hemsley
Mill MastersBob Powers, John Spencer, Rob Gannon
Lathe MasterRob Brittain, Tim Krins,
Laser MasterAndrew Fisher, Tim Eastwood
PCB Fab MonthLachlan Maher
RFID Door SystemMatt McBride, Lachlan Maher
PCB & Electronics Design GurusLuke Weston, Angus Gratton, Lachlan Maher
Chief InventorRob Gannon


Particularly during the build phase of the current location, a lot of our members really pitched in & helped out above and beyond the call of duty. Some purchased goods needed out of their own pocket. Some donated equipment. Some simply turned up & helped clean the floor. Everything helped & CCHS would not be here without their effort.

Equipment & Tools

Many people/groups outside of our membership have provided tools and equipment to CCHS.

  • John Boxall (@tronixstuff) – Component storage, Hot air/solder rework station and lots of components.
  • Dave Jones (@eevblog) – True RMS Multimeter
  • Element 14 (as part of the Great Hackerspace Challenge) – 10 x Soldering stations & various other tools
  • Darryl Greensill of Stewarts Trophies for the kind donation of the Redsail Laser Cutter.

Co-operative Organisations

CCHS is not the only organisation of this type, and we’ve built a great relationship with other organisations of a similar nature. In many cases, we’ve worked co-operatively, sharing resources to build something that neither could do by themselves. Many of these same groups helped up when we were starting out with sage advice & useful information.

  • ATA – Alternative Technology Association