Walk-thorough of the Connected Community Hackerspace

Gil has been posting videos about his Maker journey and last month created a walkthrough for the Connected Community Hackerspace.

Gil’s YouTube channel has a number of Maker projects and updates and can be found here: Gil’s YouTube

Beginnings of a welding area at CCHS

We’re setting up a welding area at CCHS – recent visitors will have noticed the strange 250mm semi rigid ducting running across the ceiling.

Last night we added a welding table, located next to the vending machine. Its not as heavy as it looks, and can be pulled forward to enable easier welding access.

We’ll be soon putting up a frame that’ll make dropping down the welding curtains nice and easy, and hooking up the extractor fan.   Longer term, we hope to upgrade the welding table top to something with 16mm holes on 50mm pitch, for use with special quick setup welding clamp set.

The welding table also provides a home for the vac former, which is quite light and can be moved to an adjacent bench (the workbenches in that area are all the same height, at the moment…)

2018 Goings On!

2017 was a great year now bring on 2018! These are just a few pictures from the goings on this month!

So come on down 5 Kent Lane Hawthorn.

We are running the following sessions:

Monday nights: C & C cutting, 3D printing and laser cutting.

Tuesday nights: General Session: Come and build things (software, hardware, see what is going on in our space!)

Wed night: (please check the calendar as these sessions might not run to schedule.

  • 1st Wed of the month: Nodebots: Come and build robots for kids to adults. A great for learning beginners.
  • 2nd Wed of the month: Drone Club: Build drones and talking about Drones
  • 3rd Wed of the month: Autonomous Vehicles building DIY Robo Cars
  • 4th Wed of the month: MicroPython Meetup: using python in embedded devices.

Goings on at CCHS July

Hackaday #WorldCreateDay and one fixed Amiga

The highlight of our WorldCreateDay surely has to be the fixed and upgraded Amiga 1200?

Here’s some other highlights…