Fees and Membership

CCHS has a membership fee system in place described below.

Why Fees?

We’d really love to be able to offer the services we do for free, but certain things (such electricity, water, an internet service and property rental) cost us money. In fact, we seek donations from sponsors and other organisations so we can reduce the amount of Facility fees we have to charge our members. Fees also go toward purchase of tools and other equipment in the space.

Do I need to pay to turn up first?

First and second visit is free, we encourage you to come down and check us out. Tuesday Nights are your best introduction.

Membership & Facilities Fee

To join our community, use our facilities and attend the HackerSpace on a regular basis, a facility fee is payable.


Casual Visitor Rate

A flat fee of $10 per visit is available for any open day not flagged as “Members Only” such as Tuesday Nights, 3D Printing Night & Saturdays.

Guardian/Minor Fee Policy

As we require a parent or guardian to supervise a minor in our facilities. A guardian/minor combo is counted as a single member for purposes of membership fees. In the case where both the guardian and the minor are utilising the facilities & consumables both will be requested to pay fees as is appropriate.

Hardship Policy

If you feel that due to personal circumstances the fee structure is out of your reach you are invited to write to the committee for special consideration. The committee will consider each petition on a case by case basis, but please be prepared that certain privileges such as Key access may be denied you.  Please consider the following criteria.

  • Source of hardship (Generic terms are fine.)

  • What amount of contribution, financial and non-financial you can make in lieu of full membership.


We accept Credit Cards, Paypal, Direct Deposit and Cash. Regardless of your payment method, memberships are managed by a provider called TidyHQ (formerly TidyClub) and you should expect email reminders from cchs.tidyhq.com.

Pay Online with TidyHQ:

Simply Visit: https://cchs.tidyhq.com/ and select the appropriate membership.

Note that recurring payments are not available with the Paypal payment option.

Direct Deposit:

BSBAccount No.
033 157359055

Please make sure to include your FULL NAME in the description field, so we can match up deposits properly.


In person to the Duty Officer, Treasurer or Committee member.


We are a not for profit organisation funded by like minded individuals, if you would like to contribute more materially to our organisation then please contact the Committee, we are very grateful for donations of any size to help us to continue to improve.