2018 Goings On!

2017 was a great year now bring on 2018! These are just a few pictures from the goings on this month!

So come on down 5 Kent Lane Hawthorn.

We are running the following sessions:

Monday nights: C & C cutting, 3D printing and laser cutting.

Tuesday nights: General Session: Come and build things (software, hardware, see what is going on in our space!)

Wed night: (please check the calendar as these sessions might not run to schedule.

  • 1st Wed of the month: Nodebots: Come and build robots for kids to adults. A great for learning beginners.
  • 2nd Wed of the month: Drone Club: Build drones and talking about Drones
  • 3rd Wed of the month: Autonomous Vehicles building DIY Robo Cars
  • 4th Wed of the month: MicroPython Meetup: using python in embedded devices.